Count Devio's HALL OF SHAME

Reigning supreme as the #1 ghoul of the Internet, king of the global rip off artists
is IDT (International Discount Telecommunications)!!

They've ripped off one too many!!!

IDT - Take the Money and Run ... !

IDT has relieved several of the Count's friends and several members of Dead Air Productions staff of a great deal of pocket change. Our friends, simply looking for an honest Internet provider have found that MAKING THE CONNECTION WITH IDT isn't a simple phone call away when dealing with IDT (like their ads say)!! Matter of fact ... it's quite an ordeal!

Don't they have a Customer Service Department.... ????

Sure ... but it's like a descent through Hell. IDTs version of customer service is a 30-40 minute long distance call away while you wait on hold.

But that's not the best part! Their customer service department are such 'smoothies' they could sell negligee to a Nunnery. They'll promise you the world! They'll even promise you they'll call back in an hour!

If you believe that ladies, then I'm a cross between Paul Newman, Lorenzo Lamas and Arnold Swartzenegger. They're like those once-in-a-lifetime dates! 'Hey honey, can I call you again?' Her reply, "No ... just wait. I'll call you!" Yea Sure!!!


If they could get away with it, they'd probably send you a can with a long piece of string attached. Their servers range from good to dog breath!


This ghoul has sold his soul for them .....!

Their ads plague the airwaves like a deluge of locusts! Barry Farber, the AM radio jockey, who used to have some integrity, sold his soul for this one!

Remember, don't take our word as gospel (our heads are still reeling from our experience with IDT). Do an experiment: Post a letter in any of the newsgroups and ask those who've gotten ripped off lately by a provider and by whom. You can almost guarantee, the number one response is IDT!!!

Uhhhh Ohhhh!!! I've been screwed! What can I do?

Take the Following Action ... IMMEDIATELY!!!


They're running a huge scam on the public. Put these 'SUCKERS' in a coffin and


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